Monday, June 25, 2012

The Diaper Humiliation Tasks

A few days ago my Master sent me on a series of tasks that would become a few of the most humiliating yet erotic tasks in my life.

My Master sent me to the mall dressed as his baby. He put my hair in pig tails, placed me in a diaper, bound my tits, and dressed me in a top, skirt, knee high socks and sneakers. He placed a pacifier on a ribbon around my neck and ordered me to suck on it occasionally.

The first task my Master gave me was to go to a specialty baby store and ask a store clerk if they had any diapers that would fit me. I was so humiliated as I walked up to an attractive male clerk only a few years older than myself and asked him if they carried any diapers that would fit me. He looked me up and down, it was quite obvious he thought I was crazy, but led me over to the diaper section and handed me a package of Goodnites. It was so humiliating to be standing in the middle of a store that specializes in baby items, dressed as a baby, and holding a package of diapers. My cunt was leaking copiously into my diaper. I quickly purchased the diapers and carried them out of the store without a bag.

I had been getting quite a lot of attention dressed as I was before I purchased the diapers, but now that I was walking around the mall dressed as a baby and carrying diapers for the world to see, I was getting a lot more attention which only served to increase my humiliation and make my cunt flow even more.

I slipped the pacifier into my mouth and sucked on it as I walked through the mall to the shoe store to complete my next task. When I arrived at the shoe store, I removed the pacifier from my mouth and found my favorite shoe salesman, Andrew (it should be noted that Andrew is aware of the nature of my relationship with Master, and has been involved in previous humiliation tasks.) Once I found Andrew, I told him that my Master had sent me for a different purpose this time. I then told him that I was wearing a diaper and that my Master wished for him to watch and feel the diaper as I wet myself, if he were interested in doing so. He seemed more than happy to oblige my humiliating request and led me to a far corner of the store, away from everyone else. I sat down and he knelt down in front of me and stuck his hand under my skirt.

It was difficult for me to start pissing at first as I was so humiliated, but then I envisioned my Master ordering me to piss, and the piss starting flowing. Andrew pushed his fingers into me through the diaper as I pissed. Having the wet diaper pressed up against me by his fingers was also humiliating for me, and again served to make my cunt grow wetter. I was quite desperate to cum at this point, but my Master had not given me permission to do so, so I was not allowed to. Once Andrew had had his fill, he removed his hand from underneath my skirt. However, my humiliation with him was not yet over, as I was preparing to leave he noticed the diapers I had brought with me for the first time and asked me if I needed a change, loud enough for several other customers to hear him, I blushed beet red and fled from the store.

I wanted to leave the mall and go home at this point, but I still had one last task to complete, and I just knew that it would be the most humiliating one of the day. I made my way to the nearest ladies room. My heart sank when I found it to be filled with women, I had been hoping to only have to humiliate myself in front of one or two women, but there were at least 5 women in the restroom, but I had a task to complete no matter how humiliating it was for me.

I started by opening the package of diapers and removing one, I then lifted my skirt and removed the wet diaper in front of everyone. 5 women got a clear view of my cunt and my slave registration number. As quickly as possible, I rediapered myself. As if this task were not humiliating enough in and of itself, while I was changing myself a woman had walked in and as I was about to leave, she asked me why I was wearing diapers and why I was dressed the way I was. I was humiliated beyond belief at this point. My mind raced as I decided on what to tell this woman, I could have walked out without answering her, but I knew that my Master would not be pleased with me if I did that. In the end, I told her that I was my Master’s babydoll for the day. She muttered “freak” under her breath and I fled from the store.

Even though the tasks were very humiliating, my cunt was soaking wet by the time I left. I was also proud of myself because I knew that I had done well and that my Master would be pleased with me.

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